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Victoria Carter

Principal & Artistic Director


B.A. (Fine Arts),Licienciate, Cecchetti   

L.I.S.T.D. (CBS) M.C.D.T.A.

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A charter member of the Society of Classical Ballet, Vaganova Method, Miss Carter studied at the London Dance Centre before being accepted for the Professional Ballet & Academic Program of the National Ballet School & the Royal Ballet School.

After graduation from the National Ballet School in 1969, she taught divisional Ballet & Benesh notation for grades 9 & 10 at the National Ballet School.  In 1970, she joined the family-owned London Dance Centre. 


Miss Carter also studied Ballet, Tap, & Jazz intensively in New York, Montreal, California, & Britain with such teachers as Robert Joffrey, Alexandra Danilova, Leon Danielian, Eva von Gencsy, Dame Ninette de Valois, Merce Cunningham, & Bob Fosse.

Trained in both Cecchetti & Vaganova methods, Miss Carter has participated in numerous training programs including the Royal Ballet School in England.


Victoria Carter has been a guest teacher over the years, at various professional summer dance schools, & a guest lecturer for the Society of Russian Ballet, Canadian Dance Teacher Association, & British Association of Teachers of Dance.

  • Graduate of National Ballet School, 1969

  • Cecchetti Society teaching certificate, 1969; awarded life membership, 2013

  • Society of Russian Ballet (Vaganova) charter member, 1977; advanced teacher certificate, 1980

  • Certificate for Outstanding Technical Merit and Artistic Development in Teaching, 2011

  • Canadian Dance Teachers Association Teaching Certificate, 1987; established as a life member, 2005

At the London Dance Centre, Victoria Carter carefully monitors each student's progress.  Unlike academic schools, all children do not start dancing at the same age level.  The individual physique is also a factor in progress. 


Parents & students often assume a class will all move up to the next grade together.  This is not always the case.

Some students will excel at different times than others.  The numbers of classes taken each week are also a factor in progress.

Often the more talented child with their willowy body may appear to move more slowly, in the beginning, than their athletic counterpart, due to strength level.


As in everything, with careful training, individual needs are met & students excel & reach their goals.


 Knowing when to challenge or consolidate a student's skills takes experience & expertise. 


Victoria's professional training as a graduate of the National Ballet School, in class with internationally known dancers such as Karen Kain, helps her understand & guide the professionally-minded students & their parents.


 Being the third generation of a family-run local dance school helps her appreciate the needs & desires of the amateur student.


She has always enjoyed the unfiltered enthusiasm & charm of the recreational child who dances literally for the joy of it & the professional student with their own set of issues & needs.

Miss Carter overviews the school at all times to make sure each student pirouettes to their desired location of our dance program.

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