Ballet Classes

Victoria Carter London Dance Centre teaches Russian Vaganova Classical Ballet. Our highly qualified teachers are certified through the Russian Ballet Society.

Ballet Classes:  Introduction to Dance, General Ballet, Intensive Ballet, Professional Program, Pointe Work, Adult Ballet & Grad class are available for Amateur & Professional students.

Introduction to Dance

The London Dance Centre welcomes all new students to the studio to try the first three lessons in September as a trial period, without paying tuition or purchasing regulation dancewear.


*As a parent, it gives you the chance to assess the quality of the school.


* After the first three lessons students are expected to complete the dance year as their place cannot be given to another student,


*Tuition for the full term is expected after the three weeks for new students who participate in our trial period policy.


General Ballet Program

(one lesson per week)

Classical ballet dance classes grouped according to age level, ability, and yearly progress. 


Russian Vaganova method is taught.  Level 1 ballet examinations of the Society of Russian Ballet offered at the appropriate time. 


Students may continue to progress in our one ballet lesson per week.

*Studio Evaluation Program

*Examinations offered


General Ballet Program

(two lessons per week)

The studio strongly recommends ballet students take 2 ballet classes per week to achieve the full benefits of classical ballet training both physically and artistically. 


Due to the high technical demands and vast content of the Society of Russian Ballet examinations, for students to continue with these examinations, it is necessary to take two classes per week after the level 1 examination. 


This program is also for students who wish a quicker and more in-depth approach to classical ballet.


Students should be available to attend Fridays for the additional lesson.

*Tuition reductions  for additional lessons

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Classes for students with previous experience, phone (519) 434-0612 for our full schedule, and to arrange a placement interview to assess the students' level in our other available classes and dance levels.


Intensive Scholars Program

For students wishing to advance to the Pre-Professional level of examinations of the Society of Russian Ballet.  Please note this program cannot be commenced after completing Level 8 on two lessons a week.  It is needed to be ongoing during the Russian examinations, levels 5-8.

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Professional Program (Career Preparation)

For students wishing a career in Professional Ballet as a dancer or teacher.  This program cannot be commenced after 10 years.

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Pointe Work

Requires a minimum of two Ballet lessons per week

If taking two ballet lessons per week, the usual age of commencing Pointe is age 12.  If taking three ballet lessons or more per week. the usual age of commencing Pointe is age 10.  Please note a student should already be taking two lessons per week.  Starting two lessons per week at age 12 will not necessarily mean eligibility for Pointe Work

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Adult Ballet

For those looking for the artistic element within a workout program.  

You may have wanted to try dance as a child but didn't have the opportunity,  or you danced in your youth and want to get back into it.

Nothing exercises both sides of the body more fairly then classical ballet.

No using your best leg or arm - both sides of the body are always treated the same.

Add music, and the element of having to remember the steps and you've got an enjoyable way to keep the aging process at bay.

The Vaganova Russian Ballet method is used exclusively in our Adult Ballet Program.

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Adult Beginner Ballet

Mondays 8:30 - 9:30

Start Date:  September 13

3 (10-Week Sessions)

Adult Ballet  Level 2

Tuesdays 8:15 - 9:15

Start Date:  September 14

Grad Ballet Class

The studio welcomes all former Victoria Carter London Dance Centre students who want a class for fun & exercise.

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Grad Ballet Class