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About  Victoria Carter London Dance Centre 

The Victoria Carter London Dance Centre is the best choice for Vaganova Ballet training & continually keeps upgraded with current trends in Contemporary Dance, Jazz, Tap, Modern, Dance Gymnastics, Endurance & Hip Hop.

We welcome the amateur student who takes one to three classes a week, as well as the future professional dancer who takes two to three classes, six days a week.

Regardless of whether you are in the amateur or professional program, you are taught by the same qualified teaching staff.

We remain "the school where the amateur is as important as the professional."

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Our great advantage to our students is our natural sprung floors.  All the studio floors have the same level of "spring" linoleum over wood.  (No cement construction)

This consistency is very important with young developing bodies to prevent injury when dancing several hours a week.

Professional ballet companies have it in their contract that they will not perform on cement constructed floors due to the chance of irreversible injury.


Dancing on cement can cause extra thick leg mussels that are not esthetically pleasing.


We are delighted that our students have streamlined legs despite their varied backgrounds & heredity.


The Victoria Carter London Dance Centre offers special programs, events, and seasonal courses.

Each year we have a dance art and costume design contest, available to all students who wish to participate, to showcase their artistic abilities.  This shows the students how the different components of art come together to support each other.

Winners of the Art Contest

Special days like Crazy Leotard Week, Bring a Parent to Class, & Bring a Loonie Friend to Class, create great fun & excitement in addition to our regular well-motivated classes.

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From time to time, the school also arranges bus trips to Toronto for live theatrical performances of the National Ballet or current Broadway-type shows.

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We have a variety of summer dance camps and workshops, including intensive ballet training programs, like Ballet Mania and Dance Intensive. 


The courses cover a complete selection of performing arts genres and are available to students to upgrade or advance during the summer.

Summer Dance

A private lesson option allows students to work on individual technique problems or perfect technically to a higher level for professional development.

An understanding of how dance technique applies to the student's individual body type & ability is vital for professional advancement & career placement.

The occasional private lesson for a student who is concerned or lacking confidence in an aspect of their training can be helpful.  

For example, a student nervous of pirouettes can gain confidence & learn personal skills to help with the execution of a difficult task.

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Community Service

High school students can qualify for community service hours by assisting with recitals, performances, chaperoning children, & dressers backstage.  Opportunities are available for students with a keen dance interest, to demonstrate or assist in younger student classes.

We have a two-year teacher training program for those who wish to become certified competent teachers.

A non-profit dance group,  The London Dance Ensemble, for children and young adults, often invites students from the studio to perform in their annual Christmas Show as extras in various capacities of their current production.

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