Victoria Carter London Dance Centre provides dance programs for children, students, and adults that meet the physical, emotional and enjoyment level of the various age groups. 


The school offers an in-depth professional dance study program along with amateur recreational programs for ages 3 and over.

Our goal is for students to enjoy their classes but also be inspired to learn and benefit from each class.

Not simply a play date that is all about fun, but an opportunity to enjoy while learning and progressing.

Our younger students enjoy the structured progress of the class throughout the year, not spending all year on examination material. 


Examinations are done within a ten lesson format.

Our older students enjoy a welcoming atmosphere in the classroom due to the students' self-discipline and motivation, free from poor behavioral disruptions.

Our students enjoy their classes because they know they are achieving and progressing throughout the dance season and the years that they study at the studio.



The Victoria Carter London Dance Centre was


established in 1956.

During its years of operation, former students have gone on to perform professionally in the recognized ballet and dance companies in Canada and internationally. 

Former students have successfully entered the teaching profession throughout Canada and the U.S.

The school has also had great success working with students enrolled due to orthopedic referrals, skating and gymnastics coaching recommendations and students involved in professional theatre and musical careers.

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Victoria Carter London Dance Centre

160 Sydenham Street, 

London, On  N6A 1V9