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Victoria Carter

London Dance Centre

160 Sydenham Street,

London, Ontario  N6A 1V9


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We are here to help you select the programs & training that meet your dance needs.  We offer classes for all ages, abilities & dance levels. 


Please contact us if you need help with your selection or have any questions regarding the London Dance Centre.  519-434-0612

Thanks for submitting!

Student Information

We ask that you follow the following guidelines for self-discipline - an important requirement for a good learning experience and the benefit of all the students' progress.

School Examinations

The Russian Ballet examinations we participate in are conducted by a recognized dance organization with qualified examiners appointed by the society.  

Studio evaluation examinations are also judged by independent qualified examiners.

We feel students must learn to meet the expectations of the program to gain the physical, artistic & mental skills their parents have entrusted us to impact their children.

We are not working to make the examination program only available to the gifted students in the class.

Some children like or need the challenge of a goal to work toward.  Students are placed in classes where with good work habits (barring injury or absences) the whole group is capable of having the option of taking the examination.

You know your child & your expectations for their dance study, but many skills learned in dance are not just learning the steps & movements.  Things like organization, memorization, meeting deadlines, controlling anxiety & presentation in front of others are also happy byproducts of dance for those who wish to embrace the full dance experience.



Special Note:

Advise launder black studio regulation leotard with logo inside-out in cold water, also dry inside-out

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All students must have the correct dancewear & shoes for all classes.  If you purchase dancewear outside the studio, please check items with Miss Carter before wearing them. 


Shoes that vary in colour or tone, heel height or design, or dancewear varying in cut, style, or colour cannot be worn for class, examinations, or performance. 

Great care is often taken to detail all aspects of a recital costume only to have student's mismatched footwear detract from the overall effect

Dancewear - Girls / Women

Dancewear - Boys / Men

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General Information

Two-Week Trial Period

The London Dance Centre welcomes all new students to the studio to try the first two lessons in September as a trial period, without paying tuition or purchasing regulation dancewear.  


As a parent, it gives you the chance to assess the quality of the school.

*After the first two lessons, students are expected to complete the dance year as their place cannot be given to another student.

*Tuition for the full term is expected after two weeks for new students who participate in our trial period policy.

1.  Official holidays are not charged.  The season is extended for classes canceled by the school and additional Monday and Friday holidays.

2.  Parents are invited to observe classes throughout the season on pre-arranged dates set by the school.

3.  Students must wear regulation dancewear to all classes.  Beginners are requested to obtain school dancewear after two weeks.

4.  The school does not accept students who study dance at any other facility (other than academic schools) if we offer the subject at the same age and dance level.  Technical requirements vary with different studios.  It is counter-productive for students to study more than one method of training.

5.  New students to the school are given two weeks to see if they wish to remain.  All students are expected to complete the full year after the trial period.  No tuition refunds are given unless leaving the city, health issues, or family trauma.

6.  We regret a student may not commence the next term until the previous term is paid in full or their installments are up to date.  There is a $45.00 processing fee for NSF cheques.

7.  We will be pleased to answer any questions you might have regarding your child.

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