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Dance Classes

Dance Gymnastics, Endurance, Hip Hop & Modern dance classes complement our Classical Ballet, Tap, & Jazz programs, giving a full range of experiences to today's dance spectrum.

Each subject gives the dancer a different style of moving & a range of dance techniques, particularly in its dance genre.

Dance Gymnastics - Acro

For students aged 6 & over

(by September 1st)

Dance Gymnastics is a program leading to exciting gymnastic "tricks" integrated into today's Contemporary Jazz scene. 


The leaps, tumbling, and flexibility movements that provide the necessary virtuosity skills needed by today's musical theatre dancers, will be developed as they relate to dance training.

Students are accepted into the program according to previous study, readiness, & flexibility. 

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If a student has had previous dance experience, please phone for an interview to determine the student's level within the school.  We cannot guarantee placement unless a vacancy is available.

*  Interview by appointment, at no charge, can be made by phone.  (519-434-0612)

Although designed to benefit dance training, Dance Gymnastics can help students excel in school physical education programs & is certainly an asset for those wanting to participate in school cheerleading teams & pep squads.  


Students who enjoy participating in school shows & community theatre find it to be an advantage of being able to do cartwheels, handstands, walkovers & aerial tricks.


Dance Gymnastics teaches flexibility, but also core & arm strength needed in a variety of extracurricular activities.  

Primary Dance Gymnastics - Acro

Age 6 - 8

Tuesdays  5:30 - 6:30

35 weeks

Start Date: September 12, 2023 

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Two Instructors present at all classes

Class size limited to twelve students

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For students aged 10 & over

Intensive body conditioning for strength & stamina.  For the experienced dance student.

*  Must meet the course requirements set by the principal.

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The ability to be strong, flexible, & have staying power is vital today, for either the athlete or the dancer.  

A double pirouette today is looked upon as a single pirouette of years ago.  Everyone must jump higher to compete within their field.

All physical activities demand this intensity of output must be sustained better than the previous generation.  

Endurance training can give long-lasting health benefits for the amateur participant & is vital for the striving professional.

All levels

35 Weeks: 1-hour class

Hip Hop

For students aged 9 & over

Hip Hop is a great cardio workout for students who enjoy the high-energy popular dance style of today's exciting social & street dance.  

Current mainstream music is used for Hip Hop class lyrics & themes, screened for their appropriate age level being taught.

Choreography is also chosen to suit the age level for appropriate gestures & attitudes.

Hip Hop is very popular with students who enjoy social school dances or Commercial Rock videos.  For a novice dancer who has no prior dance experience, Hip Hop is a great introduction.

Although warm-up, & single-movement skills are part of the class structure, most of the class is presented in the choreographic form.

All levels

35 Weeks: 1-hour class

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White Leather Jacket Hip Hop

Modern Contemporary

Modern & Modern Creative

Contemporary Dance Program

for students aged 9 & over

(by September 1st)

In the Junior division, with an emphasis on musical coordination & creativity, spacial & eurythmic concepts are explored. 


The Intermediate & Senior division's curriculum consists of Graham, Limon, & Cunningham techniques.

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A component of our Modern Contemporary program is improvisation while disciplining the body with various recognized Modern techniques.

Individual creative skills are developed using dance movement to interpret the music, create a theme or storyline, and express a mood or emotion.


As the student progresses in physical skills, it is interesting to see how much more diverse the student becomes in their interpretive & improvisation ability. 


35 weeks:  1-hour class


35 weeks:  1-hour class

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