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Professional Dance Programs

Students interested in a performing or teaching career in dance should participate in the school's professional program. 


The following outline is for students interested in either Classical Ballet or a Musical Theatre career.  To achieve the qualifying Teacher's Examination, students need to take the same program.


Many students choose to study at a professional residential dance school. For financial reasons, the uncertainty of physical heredity, or difficulties from the separation of family, this is not always possible. 


Intensive study at a general school is an alternative.

Although no guarantees can be given due to the factors of heredity, injury, work habits, & continued motivation & dedication, the school does have a history of leaving "doors' open for students entering the dance profession, as performers or in the related fields. 


The school is a registered educational institution with the government.  A student needs to commence this program no later than age 10. 

Former students have gone on to perform professionally.​

The National Ballet of Canada

The Royal Winnipeg Ballet

Les Grands Ballet, Montreal

The Alberta Ballet

Les Ballet Jazz, Montreal

The Berlin Ballet

American Ballet Theatre,

New York                                          

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Age 8-9 years

2 Ballet 

1 Jazz 

1 Tap 

1 Gymnastic or

1 Endurance


* Performance Group



Age 10-12 years

3 Ballet 

1 Jazz 

1 Pointe 

1 Tap  

1 Modern

1 Hip Hop

1 Gymnastics or

1 Endurance


* Performance group



Age 13-19 years

4 Ballet

1 Jazz

1 Pointe

1 Tap

1 Modern

1 Hip Hop

1 Gymnastic or

1 Endurance


* Performance Group


* All  Programs 

  (10 monthly payments) 


* Performance  Group

  (paid separately)

Classes are clustered to reduce days attending.


Jazz class may be substituted for one Ballet class by Musical Theatre students for the Pre-Professional and Professional Program.

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Associate Teachers Exam

We offer a two-year Teacher Training Program for those who wish to become qualified Ballet teachers, through the Society of Russian Ballet.


Our program covers pre-ballet through to & including the Professional examination level.  


Our course consists of weekly lectures with extensive printed material provided.  Applicants are required to assist student classes & teach classes under supervision.


Knowledge of student correction & technical requirements for teaching amateur & professional students is given to prepare the participant to teach all levels of Classical Ballet.


1)  must be 18 years (& over) to take the examination

2)  must complete the Intensive Scholars Programs (Divisions 6/7) or the Professional Program from Age 10 years to 18 years at the studio

3)  successfully passed the Elementary level examination of the Society of Russian Ballet

4)  must complete the two-year Teacher's Training Program at Victoria Carter London Dance Centre

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