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Pointe Work  

The Victoria Carter London Dance Centre is very aware of the eagerness of young dance students to experience Pointe Work.  We desire to make it both a beneficial & enjoyable experience when a student is ready.


Pointe Work is every young dancer's dream, for many students, it can be a feeling of accomplishment or desire of reaching the pinnacle of achievement associated with Classical Ballet.


Regrettably, some good students should never do Pointe Work, but for others, it is a safe & challenging expression of classical ballet that happens at different times for different students.  Two children in the same class may not be ready to go on Pointe at the same time.

An individual assessment will be given to each student who wishes to apply for Pointe Work.  Please phone 519-434-0612.


A first-year Pointe Work student, along with a parent, is invited to attend the first two classes of the season, to be sure everyone has the correct fitting & prepared Pointe shoes.


We give information about purchasing Pointe shoes & explain how they need to be prepared before wearing them to class.

Each student's needs regarding Pointe shoes vary. The correct placement of ribbons and elastics is vital for the success of Pointe Work.   


We discuss toenails, maintenance of the feet, aftercare of the shoes & additional tips & solutions to any problems arising from Pointe shoes.

Students who qualify may take a separate lesson of 40 minutes per week following regular class time.

Students age 10 and over who take two ballet classes a week may wish to contact the school for consultation as to their technical readiness for Pointe Work.  Pointe Work is not compulsory & has no bearing on regular class progress.

(35-weeks) 40 minutes per week


*Pointe Work Information

Many parents & students are confused as to the school's policy regarding Pointe Work.  If & when a child "goes on her toes" requires individual consideration.

The teacher's opinion must govern the timing for the start of Pointe Work.  Children of the same age group vary enormously in weight, strength, aptitude, & physical requirements. 

An important requisite for Pointe Work is good coordination of the whole body, each part adapting correctly without strain to any new position without losing the placing.

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The structure of each student's foot must be considered, in addition to correct body posture.

Children shouldn't take Pointe with an elongated big toe, are low in the instep, or whose feet are either weak, since it places undue stress on the knees & spine to compensate for these problems.

Podiatrists state that the ossification (bone development) of the foot starts with the bones of the heel.

The toe bones are one of the last groups to be developed.  At age 10 (approx. minimum Pointe Work age) there is a definite bone formation.  Although not complete in the first metatarsal & the big toe joint & the heel bones are well developed, which means the arch structure can readily adapt itself to supporting the foot properly.

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To start Pointe Work at 10 years old, the child must have had a very concentrated study in ballet, in addition to the necessary physical requirements.


It has been our experience that for children to do Pointe Work, a minimum of 2 ballet classes per week is required to provide strength through the hips, back & abdominal muscles.  Children taking 2 ballet classes a week usually begin Pointe Work between the ages of 12-14 years.

Regardless of the number of years of training, the number of classes per week, or age, some students should not attempt Pointe Work but are still able to enjoy a full dance study.  Pointe Work is not compulsory.  It is a separate lesson and has no bearing on regular classwork progress.  


Parents should be aware of the current cost of Pointe shoes & supplies & realize replacements may also be needed during the season.

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