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Tap & Jazz instruction will help you excel in school, amateur, or professional theatre productions.


For those who like a fast-paced, high-energy class, Tap & Jazz is a great choice. 


Tap & Jazz programs give you a comprehensive study of each subject along with a great cardio workout. 


For the students or musical theatre enthusiasts who like an upbeat, quick-moving pace to learning.    


For students aged 5 & over

(by September 1st)

Contemporary Tap style is taught throughout the program.  At appropriate times other Tap styles are introduced, such as Soft Shoe, Waltz, Clog, Buck & Wing, Charleston, Latin, and Jazz-Tap.

*Examinations are available.


Primary Tap

The intricacy of the footwork in Tap encourages advanced motor skills & the mental processing of complex rhythm.  Timings of even basic tap combinations also stimulate reasoning.  It helps create stronger mathematical abilities as each tap sound is given its place within the music's structure.

Age 6 - 7

Tuesdays 5:30 - 6:15

35 weeks

Start Date:  September 13, 2022

Junior Tap

40-minute class (35 weeks)

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Inter/Senior Tap

50-minute class (35 weeks)


For students with previous experience, phone (519-434-0612) for our full schedule & to arrange a placement interview to assess the student's level in our other available classes & dance levels.


Boys often enjoy the intricacies & challenges of the footwork. 


While upper body & arm lines are important in Tap, they are freer than its counterpart, Classical Ballet.


This less structured upper body placement with a single focus on footwork skills also appeals to male students.  Wings & pickups are easier for boys than girls due to hip structure & the different center of gravity between the genders. 


There are, however many very accomplished female tap dancers.

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For students aged 5 & over

(by September 1st)

Contemporary Jazz style is taught throughout the program.  At appropriate times other Jazz styles are introduced, such as Lyrical, Afro-Primitive, Blues, Musical Theatre, Hip Hop, Modern & Interpretive.

*Examinations are available.

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Primary Jazz

Many students do like the variety of musical choices, including Jazz music & Contemporary Pop music.


The vast historical styles of Jazz starting in the 1920s through to the present, along with African tribal elements, should be studied to be well-rounded in all Jazz styles.

Age  6-7

Tuesdays 6:15 - 7:00

35 weeks

Start Date:  September 13, 2022

Junior Jazz

40-minute class (35 weeks)

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Inter/Senior Jazz

1-hour class (35 weeks)

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Jazz is essential for students wanting today's Musical Theatre or Broadway (Commercial) styles.

Jazz is an asset for school shows, and local theatre productions & is required for professional performance careers.

Today we view Jazz as Broadway-style, the type of dance seen in past & current musicals, once used as Commercial-style for videos & advertising. 


Today's Commercial Jazz is integrated with Hip Hop, but Jazz is still a must for any student interested in stage work, along with acting & vocal training for musical productions.  (Triple Threat)

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