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General Information

First month trial period

The Victoria Carter London Dance Centre welcomes all new students to the studio to try the first four lessons in September as a trial period, without paying tuition or purchasing regulation dancewear.  


As a parent, it gives you the chance to assess the quality of the school.

*After the first four lessons, students are expected to complete the dance year as their place cannot be given to another student.

*Tuition for the full term is expected after the first month for new students who participate in our trial period policy.

1.  Official holidays are not charged.  The season is extended for classes canceled by the school and additional Monday and Friday holidays.

2.  Parents are invited to observe classes throughout the season to pre-arranged dates set by the school.

3.  Students must wear regulation dancewear to all classes.  Beginners are requested to obtain school dancewear after the first month.

4.  The school does not accept students who study dance at any other facility (other then academic schools) if we offer the subject at the same age and dance level.  Technical requirements vary with different studios.  It is counter-productive for students to study more than one method of training.

5.  New students are given the first month to see if they wish to remain.  All students are expected to complete the full year after the first month.  No tuition refunds are given unless leaving the city, health issues or family trauma.

6.  We regret a student may not commence the next term until the previous term is paid in full or their installments are up to date.  There is a $30.00 processing fee for NSF cheques.

7.  We will be pleased to answer any questions you might have regarding your child.

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