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Dance Gymnastics


For students age 6 and over

(by September 1st)

Gymnastics for dancers is a program leading to exciting gymnastic "tricks" integrated into today's contemporary jazz scene.  The leaps, tumbling, and flexibility movements that provide the necessary virtuosity skills needed by today's musical theatre dancer, will be developed as they relate to dance training.

Students are accepted into the program according to previous study, readiness, and flexibility. 


Students must be enrolled in a jazz or ballet class in addition to the gymnastics class, during the season.


All Levels

35 weeks - 1 hour per week

Dance Gymnastics 

Primary  Age 6-8

Mondays 6:30-7:30 - 35 weeks

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Classes for students with previous experience, phone (519) 434-0612 for our full schedule and to arrange a placement interview to assess the students' level in our other available classes and dance levels.


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Two Instructors present at all classes

Class size limited to twelve students

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