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Costume Service

The school feels performing experience is both a joy and a necessity for all students.
The London Dance Centre does a full school recital every year. Using a professionally equipped theatre with lighting, design, and stage management, to expose all students both amateur and professional, to the demands and rewards of striving for a well polished production.
Many students perform with our performance group either as full-time members or as guests in our Christmas show production in December. Beginner classes are also given the opportunity to perform in their first year, to introduce them to the pleasure of working to master skills necessary to perform on stage. Low cost costume rental service ensures all students can afford to participate in outstanding, but age-appropriate costumes.

Costumes can be costly. We offer costume rentals (the rental covers laundry, and defrays to a small extent from the original cost of the costume). Most costumes can cost up to $150.00 each to produce. The school's 40-year wardrobe ensures costume rentals for the school recitals are between $30.00 - $40.00 to ensure all children can perform in a number of dances without financial hardship - yet still have the thrill of feeling like a "real" dancer.
Many studios require the student's parents to absorb the full cost of costumes and specialty footwear that are of no further use to students after just one performance. After a few months the costume no longer fits and ceases to be a novelty for dress up.
The studio takes pride in providing costumes that are not only cost effective, but high quality and age appropriate. We feel a costume should compliment the existing charm of each student and not give students an air of sophistication beyond their years. Maturity must develop through dance training, in the course of time and be superimposed by the "packaging" when it comes to the younger members of recitals.


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