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The London Dance Centre has produced many successful dancers and teachers. The Dance Centre is very proud of its graduates that have gone on to be very successful in the corporate world and other areas of business and the arts.

Many have returned to tell us how the discipline, memorization, cognitive, and organization skills of their dance training has given them an advantage in their chosen field.

Here is just a small selection of our graduates.

Evelyn Hart

Scholarship at 17 yr.
Royal Winnipeg Ballet School

Principal & Prima Ballerina
Royal Winnipeg Ballet

Gold Medal, Senior Division
International Competition
Varna, Bulgaria 1980

Awarded Order of Canada
for her contribution to dance

from Max Wyman's - An Intimate Portrait - Evelyn Hart
"They are indelibly etched on my soul for life. Without them I wouldn't be where I am. To this day I attribute my whole being in dance to those two women. It is because of the Carters that I am a dancer".
Click here for more on Evelyn Hart

Isabella Favero

Royal Winnipeg Ballet School
at age 18 yr

Les Grandes Ballet School
Professional Programme

Produced "Leap of Faith"
for Bravo Television,
tribute to Mikhail Baryshnikov

Leanne Hachey

Accepted in at age 17
for the Professional Programme of the
Royal Winnipeg Ballet

Producer CBC Halifax Television

Sarah Barden

Les Grandes Ballet School
Professional Programme

Toronto Ballet Company

Colleen Ashdown

Les Ballet Jazz School de Montreal
at age 18 yr


Les Grandes Ballet Canadiens School

John Davie

Royal Winnipeg Ballet School
at age 16 yr


Detroit Ballet Company
Calgary Ballet
Alberta Ballet

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