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Students with a flare for performance and who show motivated dance skills are specially invited to join the London Dance Centre Performance Group. The group must be compatible in regard to age, dance level, height, and ability.
The mandate of the group is to "provide both amateur and future professional dancers, theatrical performance experience and skills that are outside the range of the technical studio training program. Classwork training cannot duplicate many skills that are experienced in live performance. It is hoped, both amateur and future professional members, will graduate form the group taking forward to the community, the ability to work with others and to achieve a common goal, not merely as competitors but as colleagues, dedicated to a common goal of creating beauty and pleasure for others, while building self confidence and personal skills for their own futures."
We have two major performances, one at Christmas and one in June.
Concert pieces will be taught to be done at various community events and locations in the city.
All costumes and specialty footwear will be supplied at no charge (there will be a charge for damage or loss due to carelessness). Dancers must supply their own dance shoes and pink tights in suitable condition. Members will be expected to purchase a track suit with the group's logo and individual make-up performance kit.
The rehearsal timetable will vary each week as to time and duration. Rehearsals will include workshops in stage craft skills, for example, stage locations and terminology, entrances/ exits, taking curtain calls, movement on stage, mime and hair and makeup instruction. Guest teachers will be arranged by the group when possible. Students and parents are expected to participate in pre and post production jobs, help at the performances and participate in special fundraising events for the group.
Members of the London Dance Centre Performance Group are prohibited for taking dance instruction classes at any other facility except for their academic school. Guest teacher events in the city and summer programs should be attended with the knowledge of the artistic director. We feel this is not an unreasonable request since Victoria Carter London Dance Centre will be providing free instruction, services and use of costumes from the general school.
Members must be registered for the following classes. A special financial package for Performance Group students is available through the Victoria Carter London Dance Centre
Junior Apprentices ~8 - 9 years of age
- 1 ballet class per week - 1 tap class per week
- 1 jazz class per week - 1 gymnastics class per week
10 monthly payments of $125.00

Apprentices ~10 - 12 years of age
- 2 ballet classes per week - 1 tap class per week
- 1 jazz class per week - 1 pointe class per week
- 1 gymnastics class per week
10 monthly payments of $145.00

Members 13 years of age and over*
- 2 ballet classes per week - 1 tap class per week
- 1 jazz class per week - 1 pointe class per week
- 1 gymnastics/endurance
class per week
10 monthly payments of $145.00

*This is not the professional training program. Students who do take the professional training program in the general school, are more likely to be prominent in the group's productions due to increased technical skills and experience.
Application Deadline: June 30, 2003
Fee $200.00 payable June 30, 2003
by postdated cheque Jan 5, 2003
*fees are non refundable
Open House: Sat, May 24th, 1:00 - 2:00 PM
Audition: Sat, May 31, 2003
Call 434-0612 to pre-register.
Artistic Director - Victoria Carter
Resident Choreographers
Melanie Stewart
Executive Committee
President - Debbie Andersen
Vice-President - Nicki Ishai
Secretary - Biserka Mrzljak
Treasurer - Leslie Peretz
Members at Large - Lori Main, Lori Vassos, Catherine Mamo, Nancy Whynot, Karen Campbell, Alana Rapacz, Linda Wharton
Publicity - Mary Hatt, Jan Healy
Accountant - Ron Van Rooyen
160 Sydenham Street
London, Ontario N6A 1V9
(519) 434-0612


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